34 Weeks

My car breaks were really squeaky so Jeff brought my car into the shop at 7 am on Saturday. By noon they still weren’t ready and Paloma was done with being cooped indoors. We both put on dresses and went with daddy to Griffith Park to play and get our crazies out. This lead to […]

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Living and Learning from Beyoncé

I liked this write up on the Grammies by Damon Young, especially when he states that Beyoncé not getting the award for Lemonade as album of the year is upsetting because of the lack of representation, not because the award gives validation. But reading the first paragraph, it became clear the author is not a Mother […]

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February is a beautiful month for us. It was Jeff’s birthday on the 4th, our 12 year anniversary on the 6th and this week is Valentines Day. I am grateful for an amazing partner and smart little girl. I’m in my third trimester and feeling great except for the soreness of ligament stretching. I have […]

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Rest In Peace Robert Fløholm

On Tuesday, January 17th Robert Fløholm passed away unexpectedly and my baby sister became a widow at the age of 31. Her pain is so great and there is so little you can do, but listen and cry and be there. But in my case, I’m far away… The loss of Robert is truly the […]

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Family Fun in DTLA

Finding fun things to do as a family for free during winter break is not easy, but but we headed downtown. Paloma’s toddler moods are up and down recently and her patience is limited. The perfect place for us to explore was The Broad Museum because we could get through the whole place in an […]

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Winter Break

Winter break is a blessing, it gives you a much needed break and time with family. As a graduate student, however, the list of things to do doesn’t end when the quarter does. It has been tough, as my daughters’ daycare has been closed the last two weeks. What can I do but enjoy the […]

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Plus Size Pregnancy Progression

Here is me and baby Mateo at 25 weeks. We had chosen his name years ago, but cannot agree on a middle name that sounds good in English and in Spanish. Suggestions are welcome! Like my first pregnancy, it took quite a while for me to start showing so I didn’t see the point in documenting […]

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Becoming a Mother to a Sun

I’m wrapping my mind around the idea, that I will be the mother to a sun, mi solecito. I come from a family full of women. I have 3 sisters and no experiences with boys whatsoever. Aside from my dad and husband, I’m reflecting on how I have very few relationships with men. It’s hard […]

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Baby Hidalgo-Newton Week No. 18

When I was pregnant with Paloma, I waited until I was 20 weeks pregnant to reveal it to many of my friends and colleagues, and the world. I was scared that people would not support my decision to start a family while in graduate school, and I discovered that my fears were well founded.  The […]

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Last NOLA Outfit

Today I wore a chambray dress that while long sleeved, held up well in the humidity because of the light weight material. It was perfect for all that we had planned for the day. We visited Magazine Street where I went to a fun vintage shop called Funky Monkey and scored a pair of blue […]

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