February is a beautiful month for us. It was Jeff’s birthday on the 4th, our 12 year anniversary on the 6th and this week is Valentines Day. I am grateful for an amazing partner and smart little girl. I’m in my third trimester and feeling great except for the soreness of ligament stretching. I have a lot to do before baby Mateo comes. Mainly, finishing up my dissertation interviews and some interviews for my oral history job. But what has me the most stressed is getting my home prepared for little Mateo. 

The four of us are sharing one room, that’s LA life, and theres a lot to get sorted with our sleeping, clothing, and storage arrangements. My nesting is full blown and I’ve been turning pots into macrame hanging pots, making jewelry holders out of branches, and converting her table and chairs into an activity station. Slowly but surely things are starting to come together and I’m seeing a way to have us all cozy in this space. 

Paloma has been a handful, testing her limits with all the emotions she feels as her toddler mind and body grows and develops. At the same time she’s been so incredibly sweet and thoughtful about her brother. She loves telling him all the things she’ll share with him and ways she’ll be taking care of him. She’s exited about him sleeping near her & sitting in the back seat with her. We transitioned her out of our bed and into her own bed. Tonight is the second night and that’s a victory. 

On a sadder note, my family went through a great loss, when my brother in law passed away unexpectedly. His memorial was delayed so that all his children could home from Norway, and that means I will be too far along in my pregnancy to travel so I can’t be there to honor my brother in law and comfort my sister. This makes me very sad. Please keep our family and especially my sister in your thoughts and prayers. 

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