Becoming a Mother to a Sun

I’m wrapping my mind around the idea, that I will be the mother to a sun, mi solecito. I come from a family full of women. I have 3 sisters and no experiences with boys whatsoever. Aside from my dad and husband, I’m reflecting on how I have very few relationships with men. It’s hard for me to picture having a son, but I know the moment I meet him that will change for me and I’ll be completely smitten. Raising him is unknown territory and will challenge me in the best ways possible.

I now welcome the challenges that raising a boy entails. In light of this horrific political moment, where a man who brags about sexually assaulting women has become the president elect, raising a generation of revolutionary boys who respect the power and magic of women is more important than ever. My son will know about consent, will know about the privileges he has as a man and the responsibility he has to use his status to elevate women. I promise to show him an example of a strong and confident woman and to raise my son around loving, feminine, and gentle energy. These are the prayers of my heart and I speak them into my womb and know that my son is listening to my words.

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