Hola Mis Queridas Amig@s!

Here are some resources I have compiled that help me battle the negativity and stigma so prevalent about large women, especially large women of color. Some of my dear friends, who are body positive and in the fields of health, public health, and foodways, shared these resources with me and they helped me a great deal, so I want to share them with you. It is important that we arm ourselves with knowledge in order to build strong defenses against the many who daily view us from a pathological lens & try to police our bodies. Below are the resources that have helped armor me the most with confidence, knowledge, and defiance over the past year:


Linda Bacon, PhD
Health At Every Size [HAES]
See Body Love Self
Fat Body Politics





Crunk Feminist Collective
Dianne Sylvan
Dances With Fat
Two Whole Cakes
Militant Baker


This is Thin Privilege
Big Beautiful Black Girls

Above all, find a network of gordit@s to offer you support that nourishes your spirit, mind, and body with positivity. Carve out a safe fat-shaming free zone with other mujeres where you feel comfortable and free to eat together, discuss these topics, and challenge each other to be accountable in practicing self-love and body positivity. Remember we are in this struggle together.


La Chica Mas Fina

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